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Think Tanks

An innovative, top-down tank shooter. Guide your tank and use the walls around you for protection from the enemies' attacks. Properly sneaky players can use the walls to ricochet their cannon-fire toward their rival tanks from multiple angles -- but the enemy will do the same! Outranked and outnumbered, how will you defeat them? You can earn and spend FOG coins in this game.
Categories: Action , Yepi 20 , Yepi 10

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  • Siege Of Troy

    Siege Of Troy

    In Siege of Troy, the legendary city of Troy is under siege and you are the only one who can protect it! Take up arms and defend Troy with your life. Increasing numbers of enemies will try and bash down the city walls, and it's up to you to take them out in this awesome point and click game! Increasingly superior weapons and armour can be also be bought with Fog coins. Beware of strangers bearing gifts.

  • sift heads reassault

    sift heads reassault

    In Sift Heads Reassault, the sequel to the action shooter side game Sift Heads Assault, there are new rivals and new bloody challenges to test your skills against! Equip your awesome stickman with super cool weapons, run around like crazy and take down the bad guys to experience the victory that you deserve.

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  • Gangster Buster

    Gangster Buster

    In Gangster Buster, you have to take on the enemy in this fast-paced shoot-em-up. Take down the advancing Gangsters, Thugs and Terrorist in the new Gangster Buster! You have a choice of four guns with different strengths. Shoot the med-kits to get some health back if you get injured and the ammo box to reload your ammunition! This shooting game is Finger Clicking Good!

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  • Rush Race

    Rush Race

    In Rush Race, you are driving a top secret car and you are up against a mad scientist with an army of black cars at his disposal. You must reach the end of the level and destroy as many enemy units as possible without dying using left mouse click, take great care when driving and using your mouse to steer. Pick up special weapons and health boosts along the way. Avoid taking direct hits in order to survive!

  • Power Fox

    Power Fox

    Power Fox is a fighting game similar to street fighter but with a nice twist. You are fox in this game and the aim of this fighting game is to save the world form evil and beat your opponent using your punches or power ups falling from the sky. You will be fighting Zorro's ninja horse somewhere in Mexico or even Hannibal in North Pole in order to save the world.

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  • Hostile Skies

    Hostile Skies

    Hostile Skies is a simple mid air combat game in which you take control of a World War 2 Fighter plane with one purpose in mind... to destroy all enemy planes. You must try to survive as long as you can against your enemies, make no mistake, it is kill or be killed, so try to avoid enemy planes and fire or you could lose fuel and even crash! Make sure you pay attention to the power meter located at the top of the game screen to avoid falling out of the sky!

  • PaintBall


    This has to be one of the most stress relieving shooting games around. Hit the smileys in the office with paintballs to gain maximum points and progress to the next level. Please keep in mind though, you have to maintain an efficiency level of 70% and above in order to advance to the next level so try your best.

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  • Combat Instinct 2

    Combat Instinct 2

    Combat Instinct 2 is an addictive first person shooting game with a nice story line and goals. The story begins: You've crash landed on an dangerous Alien Planet, your mission is to simply survive. Shoot anything that moves and shoots back at you....get to your ship, pick up your team and go kill some more Aliens.

  • Sift Heads World Act 4

    Sift Heads World Act 4

    The three stick crew is back for their most intense missions yet. Vinnie and Kiro are on their way to meetup with Shorty. All of a sudden, an aircraft is spotted, and while attempting to take them down, you will get the option to see what happened 5 days earlier. Set to blow your mind, Sift Heads: Act 4 will keep you coming back for more!

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  • Zombie In The Shadows: The Saviour

    Zombie In The Shadows: The Saviour

    Play Zombie In The Shadows: The Saviour on Frivgamescom.com. The game Zombie In The Shadows: The Saviour is the best games From Friv.com. Zombie In The Shadows: The Saviour is totally free and requires no registration!

  • Effin Santa

    Effin Santa

    In Effin' Santa, the evil Terrorists are back for more action!! But now they are dressed as Santa!! Take them down to protect the planet from these evil doers! You will have to be an accurate shot as they run all over the place. Press R to reload, space-bar to use the scope, and go for the head to get extra points!!

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