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The objective of this game is to flip the bridges so the sparks can follow their path. The black lines are what the sparks move on and each spark has a predetermined path, now it's up to you to flip the white bridges allowing the spark to fulfill its path. During the game, if any one of the sparks are interrupted, you have to play the level all over again. As you progress further in the game, the number of sparks and level of difficulty gradually increases.
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  • Table Tennis

    Table Tennis

    Pick up your Table Tennis paddle and get ready for some fast paced action as you train to be a pro on your desktop.You will be playing against a highly skilled computer controlled player that will keep your on your toes every step of the game. Lob, slam, spin and spike your way to victory, become the master of table tennis and take home the trophy in this fast-paced sports game.

  • Ma Balls

    Ma Balls

    Ma Balls is a fast paced sports game. Using the arrow keys run around pushing the balls of different Sports Game as they start bouncing, before the time runs out. Then as they start rolling you need to dodge your way in between the rolling balls and collect the bonus items appearing from time to time. But if you get hit by a rolling ball then you lose a life so be careful and also remember to grab the power-ups. The longer you survive amongst the balls the more points you will earn. A tip for this game is to keep a look out for the hearts, these will gain you extra lives.

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  • Bio Ball Boom

    Bio Ball Boom

    Shoot all the bouncing balls while avoiding contact with them in Bio Ball Boom. There are many power ups to pick up to help you finish the game. The balls split every time you shoot them so be careful when leaving small balls. Try to shoot all the smaller balls first to minimize the ball count. Try to finish the levels as fast as possible to get a higher score in this fun skill game.

  • Moto Madness

    Moto Madness

    Moto Madness may remind you of those classic bike racing games, from the days of playing in arcades. The objective of this game is simple and straight forward. Literally! You need to make the best lap time if possible, and take the number one spot, or you will lose. To do this you need speed and control, so are you insane enough to beat Moto madness?

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  • Moto Stunts

    Moto Stunts

    Take a break from the work day and test your bike skills in Moto Stunts! Set in 10 separate stages, your objective is to get from start to finish in as much style as possible. 5 skin colors for your driver and 5 skin colors for your bike add to the customization. Controls are great! Too much speed and you'll land head first; too little and you'll be a coward. Find the right mixture of speed and balance to achieve victory!

  • Race Choppers

    Race Choppers

    In Race Choppers, your objective is to get as many points as you can by lasting the longest! This is a simple racing game, all you need are good driving skills. You don't actually need to come first, you just need to make sure you get to the next checkpoint before the clock runs out! Good Luck and get to the checkpoint!

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  • Rage Rider 3

    Rage Rider 3

    Rage Rider 3 pits you against your worst enemy...Physics! Prepare to have your arrow keys tested to get to the end of the track without falling over. Stunts are allowed, although there are no points awarded...you may get bragging rights! How many levels can you complete with your rider, and can you do it in style?

  • Stunt Mania 2

    Stunt Mania 2

    In Stunt Mania 2, rev your engine, check your tyres and let rip as you fly through the air and hit as many insane stunts as you can in the time limit. Perform wicked tricks, by pressing and holding the specified key, and releasing before landing, and be sure to be careful with the amount of throttle you use (or you'll crash!). you could become the ultimate stunt champion!

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  • Mental Mouse

    Mental Mouse

    Not only is a mouse loose in the house, he's gone crazy! He's riding a motorbike and is looking for any kind of craziness he can find. In this interesting, yet not bizarre setting, you find yourself navigating the tops of tables in an effort to be the most mental mouse ever. Hop over corn on the cob, ketchup bottles, etc. How far can you make it?

  • Moto-X Arena

    Moto-X Arena

    Only the best of the best are invited to Moto-X Arena. It's taken some time for you to brush the cobwebs of your skills, but you're ready. Before it begins, you'll have a practice run of 12 levels to make sure you've still got it. Like before, you'll need to get from the beginning to the end as quickly as possible! Race in style, you're in the Moto-X Arena!

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  • Bike Mania Arena 3

    Bike Mania Arena 3

    You've played and liked the first two sequels so now it's time for Bike Mania Arena 3. This game your going to love although its just as difficult as the previous two! Try to reach the finish line in as few seconds as possible to become the ultimate bike master. Time to enjoy new levels and much more challenging environments. Get racing!

  • Nuke Rider

    Nuke Rider

    You are in the middle of a nuclear fallout and your only chance for survival is riding your motorcycle out of the fallout to get help. Make sure you don't die! This obstacle driving game will have you on the edge of your seat every second you're playing. Do you have what it takes to get out of the nuclear fallout?

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